Thursday, September 16, 2004 “I got the coat” Again, the theme of the uniform back in the news in connection with the investigation of the Union of Families in Europe already mentioned yesterday.

HomeBloggThursday, September 16, 2004 “I got the coat” Again, the theme of the uniform back in the news in connection with the investigation of the Union of Families in Europe already mentioned yesterday.

Thursday, September do my homework for me now
16, 2004 "I got the coat" Again, the theme of the uniform back in the news in connection with the investigation of the Union of Families in Europe already mentioned yesterday. Articles in Liberation, Humanity and 20 minutes. Well, to calm myself, I’ll do a little dictation … Good Reading … —————————— —————- Liberation 16/09/04 from brand to stand Less college students and their parents living hell. "At school, children are immersed in a jungle, with its improbable laws." This "makes the crazy life" adults. Blame the brands and outbidding they induce (Release of September 1). Worse, each class has its "rejected" the black sheep who do not dress like other sheep. This gloomy picture is drawn up by the Union of Families in Europe (UFE), a family-oriented and traditionalist association dissenting Families France. Yesterday its president Beatrice Stella had an investigation launched last year. For this 44-year-old mother, 5 children from CP to the terminal, "the pressure of brands has never been stronger, it is aggression that disrupts family life and college life." Read more of the article variety of teen fashion to read the rest of the article A laptop per student: skeptics manufacturers Operation of the Minister of Education should start on 28 September. Read more of the article What about University Rankings? Jean-Yves Merindol, Professor, Honorary President of the University Louis Pasteur Strasbourg-I, member of the National Committee of University Evaluation (CNE). A top 100 universities in Europe on the basis of their reputation had been published by Liberation in December 1989, what was then a novelty. With the exception of mathematics, France was not dominant in any discipline. In 2003, Jia Tong University in Shanghai has released a global ranking of 500 universities based on their research capabilities. It shows an overwhelming dominance of North American universities (15 of the top 20, 65 of the 100), weakness of European universities (31 of the 100), a virtual absence of the Asia-Pacific universities and Africa. On slightly modified indicators, the 2004 version is an improvement of French positions (Release of September 7), which is cold comfort. […] Substantive reasons contribute to these poor rankings. The obvious holds the resources institutions have. There is nothing in common between the funding (public and private) of Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Berkeley and MIT (the first five) and those of French universities and schools […] Our organization is also involved. Separation between universities and schools, universities and between hospitals, between universities and research organizations, between science and humanities, etc. […] It is time to change to be university sets comparable to what is very good also. […] Read the rest of the article ————————————– ——- Le Figaro 16/09/04 Nothing seen … —————————— ————- Humanity of 16/09/04 the claws demoralize parents if the uniform found its place in the playground? The survey of teens and brands that just disclose the Union of Families in Europe raises the question bluntly. The answer provided by the surveyed parents, too, without ambiguity. This is so, 48% of them, when they are only 44% oppose it. And this is probably the most new element brings this study. For the rest, it confirms rigorously what is said for some time already: young people are addicted to brands. Evoking addiction is just too strong. Certainly college students say they primarily aim at quality when they opt for a clothing brand. 60% of boys and 50% of girls claim to make their choice on aesthetic criteria. Moreover, they are only 11%, in total, to find important to dress scratched. […] Read the rest of the article ————————————– ————– Le Parisien 16/09/04 ———————– Nothing see … ————————- the Cross of 16/09/04 the school adapts disability students with disabilities should have been better received in colleges and high schools. In 2003, the Ministry of Education undertook to open, within five years, a thousand educational integration units (UPI) these collective care facilities for disabled students in secondary . "Our proactive policy continues," now says an adviser to the education minister, Francois Fillon. It was expected that 200 new UPI open the school year. Each was to host a dozen students. What actually on the ground? In the Rue de Grenelle, it is still too early to make a first assessment. The Ministry nevertheless stresses that UPI and, for primary, specialty integration classes (CLIS) diversify. They target new audiences, such as children with autism. Meanwhile, the stress on the individual integration of pupils continues, thanks in particular to the increase in the number of auxiliary school life (AVS), responsible for accompanying the students, who now exceed the number of 6,000. Finally, training of secondary teachers was first set up and, in the primary, that of school teachers has been renovated. […] Read the rest of the article ————————————– ———- 20 minutes from 16/09/04 the debate on the uniform takes shape If you believe a survey published yesterday by the Union of families in Europe on the behavior of teenagers living -a-vis brands, nearly half of parents surveyed (48%) would favor the introduction of a uniform dress for all to college. This would, according to them, to "erase the differences between families that can afford (to buy designer clothes for their children) and those that do not have" and "avoid bidding wars and rivalries between children "ruthless in fashion. For the president of the federation of parents CIPF Georges Dupon-Lahitte, "this is a true-false solution that returns on schools a global problem of attitude to have deal with fads" . And pointing fingers adults who are "not so distanced" it marks, as well as economic logic that made youth a "real market". For its part, the PEEP federation invites parents to "play their educational role," nevertheless conceding that the uniforms could be considered "in the institutions facing school violence and racketeering." […] Read more article: Textile temple for 15-25 Galeries Lafayette opened today Original version, space for hipsters Read more of the article USDA, another tray Cecilie to studies, 21, swallows the stairs to the auditorium, baby under his arm. It is not yet not the return to training of Lille-III (FCEP) accompanied by her daughter Ludivine, six months, Cecilie goes to the meeting on the degree of access to university studies, a gateway for those who do not have the tray. […] Read the rest of the article ————————————– ———– Le Monde 17/09/04 childhood obesity: launching an information campaign More Article Veil: debate on keeping mothers accompanying school trips can a veiled mother take a class field trip? Nothing in the Act of 15 March 2004, which prohibits students from wearing "conspicuous symbols" religious, does not prevent: it does not concern parents. But it had the side effect of return to the agenda of the oldest texts on the subject. Consequently, the question of holding parents accompanying school trips in the first degree is debated today. And everyone there not provide the same answer. […] Read the rest of the article ————————————– —— Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, September 16, 2004

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