The Italians have a ball set, cancels Wallace.

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August 21, 2016 – rio de janeiro Brazil-Italy 3-0 (25-22, 28-26, 26-24) – The “miracle” that Italy is expected, down from Renzi does not occur, and for the third time Italy in 20 years of volleyball loses an Olympic final in dunks. Or more correctly wins Brazil deservedly taking a string of successes that sees the queen since 2002.

At the fourth consecutive Olympic final (2004) men Bernardinho coach in the world, perhaps the most successful ever win a third Olympic gold for the Federation, after those of 1992 (on Holland) in 2004 (in the final with Italy) and now again with the Azzurri. For Italy, the “consolation” to remain the world with the Olympus sixth Olympic medal (3 silver and 3 bronze, from 84 at present). But that gold continues to be unreachable.

Medals Italian Male Volley Formations holders despite Bernardinho feared for the conditions of his injuries. Italy starts well: 4-1 and again 6-4, but the 12-9 Italy crashes. Brazil puts several spectacular play like a wall of Zaytsev, an ace of Juantorena, and shoves a 7-0 run, which reverses the set, 12-16.

The Azzurri suffer psychologically overtaking and Wallace and Lipe are enhanced along with the Torcida with some amazing defenses. Italy dating back to 21-23, but then Lucarelli puts an ace that closes the speech. First set goes to Brazil.

In the second part of Italy as well in the first, immediately makes the break, Brazilian resists pressure up to 9-7, but then it stops again. A series of jokes Lipe (who had started the Olympics on the bench) is a major break: 14-11. Enter Antonov for Lanza. Two bars of Zaytsev mend the gap. But Brazil – with an extraordinary Bruno – not retreat one centimeter.

Battle of nerves, Italy remains attached to the game with his fingernails. But at 22-22 before a line of Bruno and then an out attack Juantorena appear to pave the way to Brazil. When a defense of Slim and a push ball Giannelli Brazilian field lead to draw at 24. The Italians have a ball set, cancels Wallace.

Another occasion, missed the joke Giannelli. New ball set Brazil on a wall of Zaytsev. It closes an ace of De Souza of Lanza. Italy with his back to the wall. In the third part it is point to point.

Italy is able to make a break of two points, but on a dispute that split loses lucidity and undergoes two consecutive points (17-17). Brazil is still breathing down the neck to the blues. While the Maracanazinho sings its songs.

Even Giannelli wrong cut. Blengini called timeout, but gold from Italy seems increasingly distant. On the second match ball Lipe closes with a wall. From our correspondent Gian Luca Pasini  @ GianLucaPasini

March 9, 2019 – Milan Florentino Perez. LaPresse It was after the second Galactica, one of the four Champions in five years, the European reign lasted more than 1,000 days, here is the Galaxy War. At Casa Blanca nothing is trivial, ever. For better or for worse.

Can not think of vivacchiare still fresh laurels. It breathes an atmosphere of hysteria in which every defeat is a drama. Why so it is Florentino Perez.

One who considers the coaches too bad even necessary, directeur sportif useless tinsel, dangerous personality players conspirators. THE APPLICATION HISTORY The war broke out with Sergio Ramos did not surprise anyone: “I remember one with Fernando Hierro,” he said on television Jose Felix Diaz, a distinguished colleague Brand close to the president. The captain kicked badly with Del Bosque in 2003, a prelude to the end of the first was galactic, closed with Perez’s resignation in February 2006.

Now here we go again. Florentino and Sergio have never loved. The president spent a fortune to bring him to Madrid boy almost 14 years ago. He saw very well. Ramos has become a symbol of madridismo, sealed position from the leading goal at minute 93 of the Lisbon final, a draw with Atletico and then extra time, the 4-1 and the Tenth Champions waiting 12 years.

Ajax, the fan hits the flag of Real Madrid on the balcony on the first try I UGLY ESEMPIRamos grew, and since it has a strong character and a tendency to say what he thinks and wants, with Florentino began sparks. Also because Sergio is not stupid: they told him what happened to Hierro, and has experienced first hand the sad farewells of two legends of madridismo as Raul and Casillas. Two myths out the back door of the Bernabeu, no gifts, celebrations, awards.

Finals absurd, sad, bitter historical epics. And then the case Ronaldo. With whom Ramos had entered into a holy alliance to counter Presidential dominance. And Ramos spots treated badly by Perez, who has never recognized Cris its real value: “No, it should be de nadie” not dribble anyone, said the president sarcastically to his loyalists.

And in fact it did nothing to replace it, as if to prove that with “7” could also play Mariano Diaz. And Ramos Tuesday clashing with the Perez rebuked their failure to replace Ronaldo. The same had done, without naming the president, Luka Modric the day before the conference. A friend of Ramos, Marcelo and as Keylor Navas. A very unpopular quartet Perez.

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV TWO GREAT NODIOra Sergio and Florentino are at loggerheads. After the clash on Tuesday, ( “I cast out”, “Give me the money and I go”) began an approach maneuver. Skirmishes, because they have to live with. But they know they face two major battles.

An immediate: the technical choice that will replace Solari, dead man walking. The second the last renewal of the almost 33-year old Ramos, contract expiring in 2021, signed after an acid fast and loose with the specter of a possible escape to the United. Perez is waving in front of Ramos the ghost of Jose Mourinho, with whom the defender has left very badly. With Ronaldo and Casillas came and told Perez “either him or us,” and the president reluctantly relented.

He pushed the beloved Jose and took the peacemaker Ancelotti. Holy Hand, but for Florentino was a “hand bland” springs. Too lax, like Zidane.

Between the two had tried to bring Benitez as a drill sergeant, and Rafa stayed there in the middle, as Lopetegui. And like Antonio Conte, struck down by Ramos in the mixed zone on 28 October after the Manita in the Clasico which cost way to Lopetegui. Perez wants Mourinho to break the dominance of SR4 in the locker room. He knows he is a huge risk that many Madrid fans look with horror at the return of the Portuguese, and even more so after Manchester. For that Perez has slowed.

The heart prompts him to take it, his head no. Ramos waits, armed. After the truce guaranteed by the European domination of the galaxy war broke out again. The outcome is uncertain. Filippo Maria Ricci

January 3, 2019 – Milan Manuel Neuer, 32, goalkeeper of Bayern Monaco and Germany. AFP Changing of the guard, the umpteenth of 2018 which represented a kind of Year Zero for German football. Manuel Neuer has in fact been left off the list of the best players from Germany, as compiled annually by Kicker magazine.

For the captain of Bayern Monaco and the national team, it is a historical exclusion: the goalkeeper does not figure in the top 11 for the first time since 2007, net of the previous two due to accidents that had long kept away from the field. This time, however, the decision is linked exclusively to a decrease in performance: according to Kicker, in fact, the many mistakes made both with Bayern that with the national, combined with the lack of security shown in more than one occasion, have cost the nomination best number one in the country.

A decision “strong, but fair,” according to the thought of Toni Schumacher, former goalkeeper of the German national team. For the record, the goalkeeper was chosen Roman Buerki, number one of the Borussia Dortmund. Colombia, with rigor VAR (artisanal) in the game on the sand Gasport

June 26, 2017 – MilanoPapà Biaggi: “Fear? After 25 years it is time to stop with the” races “This time I almost did not occur, the best gift is out of intensive care after 17 days. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and all the affection received every day. Unforgettable.

I love you. ” So, on Twitter, Max Biaggi, who today celebrates 46 years and celebrated in the best way, leaving the hospital resuscitation San Camillo di Roma, where he was admitted for 17 days following a bad fall down the track Latin. Improvement – The physical conditions of the four-time world champion in the 250cc class and two-time World Superbike champion, after two surgeries, then, are improving.

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